From the very act of cementing the interview arrangement to our departure from the premises of Ventures Platform, it was very obvious that we had met and interviewed a well-bred man in Kola Aina. The name might not set off a panic alarm but you would be doing yourself a great favor befriending Google for a quick tour through the life of this Kaduna State, Nigeria born, American trained serially successful entrepreneur who believes strongly in possibilities.

Kola Aina
The prestigious Zamani College in Kaduna State was where it all started for Kola before breezing through a four year Electrical Engineering in three years at the Savannah State University in the state of Georgia, U.S.A. Afterwards, he obtained a Master’s degree and was then set to take the world by storm with his well honed skills in I.C.T, business-technology, finance and of course electrical engineering.

The first direct shot of responsibility directed at him was to oversee his father’s fledging printing and publishing business, the experience at that seat was aptly described by Kola as “unpleasant’’ not the business itself but the fact that it was not his personal passion, two years went by before he bailed out to get more business education, this he did while closing many high-profile deals and working as a consultant delivering A-Class solutions to serious corporations.

Ventures Park Maitama

Seven years and lots of hard work later, the most creative and innovative technology incubation center, ever to come out of Nigeria have been birthed by the tremendously creative Kola. Ventures Platform is a carefully curated innovation hub where tech-enthusiasts, freelancers, start-up entrepreneurs, and professionals on the go, who share common attitudes, interests, and goals can meet, network and create.

When probed about the idea behind the brain-tasking architecture, Kola was emphatic about two things, first is that it was “all intentional” and that “we built a space that is meant to challenge you at critical thinking and inspire creativity” he strongly believes that “the environment you work in greatly influences your outcome.”

Kola Aina Founder of Ventures Park

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Genuinely speaking, the aesthetics, location and staffing at the Ventures Platform does not look or feel like anything from around here, surely it gave excellence a new last name. “You are not expected to pass through the Ventures Platform and become a harbinger of some lame ideas” Kola quipped on seeing the undiluted amazement in our faces. If you doubt this, we believe these photos can change your mind for the best.

Ventures Park Conference Room Ventures Park Abuja Ventures Park Training Room Residence at Ventures Park Innovation at Ventures Park Alpha Room Ventures Park

Kola has recently co-chaired with Mr. Bosun Tijani of Co-Creation Hub on the ICT sub-committee of the Job Creation Unit (JCU) resided in the office of the Vice President of Nigeria, Professor Yemi Osinbajo.

At Applause Nigeria, we postulate that if every state in Nigeria can produce one Kola Aina then the whole country is without doubt on its way to unparalleled prosperity of ideas and excellence.

Kola Aina Ventures Park

On what drives Kola, he confidently affirmed that he loves challenges and closed by saying “I like to think there is nothing I cannot do.” We believe him. You should believe Kola.

The team had to embrace some photo bragging rights… 🙂 Behold Bamise and Michael enjoying the sheer ambience of Ventures Platform.

Bamise Babasola

Take Action: Do you wish to join the Ventures Platform Community? If your response is either yes or yes, kindly send us a feedback here and we will certainly connect you with Kola.