Applause Nigeria, a project of Digital Media Development Initiative, is committed to ensuring that you enjoy our stories and in return be assured of our commitment to protect your privacy. In furtherance to this, we are excited to intimate you on how we are committed to respecting your right to privacy and the data that we can directly or indirectly collect from you and how we may use such data. Beyond this, we will also avail you with the various options available to you should wish to dis-allow your personally identifiable information to be shared. Please recline in your favorite position and carefully review this Privacy Policy to be guided accordingly.

Your Personal Information and Usage by Applause Nigeria:

We may directly or indirectly ask for such data which may include personal data like your name, address, phone number, e-mail address etc. We may also seek such demographic data like your gender, geographical location, age range, religion etc. We may in addition, seek lifestyle data such as your profession, hobbies, interests etc. This can be collected in a variety of ways from anywhere on the Applause Nigeria website and we will treat all as information volunteered willingly by you.

Such information may be used in a variety of ways such as validating your site registration preferences, inclusion in our mailing list, inclusion of your data to allow you participate in our promotions and events, to enhance our site user experience, to enforce applicable site policies, meet legal obligations in connection with our and/or third party rights, for specific reasons that was made available to you at the point of your willingly volunteering your personal data. We may also publish your personal data online or offline in any media or format (currently existing or hereafter developed). We may also your your data for advertising, digital marketing, publicity and promotional activities.


This Privacy Policy outlined here may be edited in part or completely at any time and at our discretion and convenience.

Finer details not sufficiently covered:

For finer details on our Privacy Policy, send us an email on applaud (at) applausenigeria (dot) com or write to us at the address shown below.

Applause Nigeria

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