Editor’s Note: Nigeria is a great Nation, we have been told. In the past 56 years of Independence, there have been dissenting thoughts on the greatness of Nigeria. As far back as 1983, in a 100 page handbook titled ‘The Trouble with Nigeria,’ Chinua Achebe of beloved memory, concluded that “The trouble with Nigeria is simply and squarely a failure of leadership.” Several years later, the conversation is still unending. The answer is still elusive and many still wonder at how great Nigeria is. As we celebrate the 56th Independence Anniversary of the ‘Giant of Africa’ and it is our pleasure to showcase four stunning photography offerings by Wahabi Oluwafemi as he creatively joins his voice to the conversation with his craft.

The Early Beginning:

An angry Nigerian citizen hurting with thoughts of being abandoned and betrayed by the supposed Nigerian dream. There is an outright rejection of all things Nigeria.independence-day-1

The Mid Beginning:

The Nigerian citizen in deep contemplation on why he should embrace the Nigerian dream. Thoughts vary from moving from thoughts to action while truly wondering if there is any value add in being patriotic.


The Late Beginning:

Thankfully, the Nigerian citizen embraces the Nigerian dream while being circumspect and worried about the uncertain consequence of being patriotic. Not to be taken by surprise at the uncertainty, a kerosene lamp comes in handy to lead the way. Did someone say climate change?independence-day-8

The Middle Ground:

A brighter day has come. Still questioning, kerosene lamp is still a staple in being a Nigerian starter pack. Is there any need to worry?independence-day-3

The Seeming End:

As we continue to contemplate and aim to find lasting answers to our questions as Nigerians, we will continue to live, laugh and smile and courageously keep moving ahead. With our truckload of challenges, the future is still bright albeit with our kerosene lamp in one hand and our resilient spirit firmly loaded in our gait and chest. We are Nigerians and we celebrate another year of independence. God bless Nigeria.

Meet the Man Behind the Lens: Wahabi Oluwafemi:

Femi is a freelance photographer fondly called Oluya (Yoruba word for Photographer) by his close friends. He has a specialty in portraiture and commercial photography. Femi’s photography journey can be traced back to his love for pictures when he was in high school. He consequently pushed to keep memories alive by randomly shooting images of strangers on the streets of Abuja every weekend. He studied Mathematics and Computer Science at the Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria. He recently went round the city of Lagos, Nigeria for a Street Photography project and published it on his LinkedIn Page. You can connect with Femi on Instagram and Twitter for front row access to the expression of his craft.

Meet the Model: Frank Enenmoh:

Frank is a Nigerian-based freelance designer with a diverse set of skills that include design, working closely with designers, front-end development (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Responsive, UX), back-end development using open source technologies (PHP and Ruby on Rails), and also a special skill set for Content Management Systems (Joomla, WordPress, Drupal). He enjoys working on design-driven projects, and specializes in developing sites in the private, luxury and entertainment sectors. The crossover between design and programming has always been of interest to Frank. When you visit Frank’s Instagram Page, you will hardly meet the techie side of him as it comes complete as a platform to celebrate his sartorial excellence. Please click here to behold the sartorial side of Frank.