Editor’s Note: The Story of Believe Stanley is powerfully presented here in this Edition of Applause Most Influential. Blossom Ozurumba strolled around the grounds of the Millennium Park located in the City Center of Abuja, Nigeria with Believe. Beyond sharing a drink, they talked about his growing up and his passion to improve the skill set of young creative artists and build a network of design experts.

Armed with neither a flair for creative design nor the desire to learn, it was quite serendipitous when Stanley had the opportunity to be mentored by Chris, a graphic artist. Fresh out of secondary school with no plans to stay ideal while waiting for his University admission, Stanley became a design apprentice with Chris and together, they designed handmade greeting cards and several other creative works which then organically built his interest in the creative arts. Till date, Stanley is quick to trace the birthing of his creative instinct to Chris and he has remained committed to improving his craft ever since.

A couple of months later, he got admitted to study Economics at the University of Abuja. This move to the Nigerian Federal Capital Territory came complete with his already built entrepreneurial stride which saw him moonlight as a creative designer at night and full time student during the day. His client list included the various campus fellowships with a retainer deal by most of them as their publicity consultant.

The publicity consultant served as a portfolio building opportunity for Stanley and made him become more curious on how to become more excellent. This led him to computer design discovery and during the school holiday, he compelled his dad to buy a desktop computer for him and consequently installed Corel Draw. This began his self-thought journey from learning how to use a computer to learning the design application. His favourite go-to learning hub was the UTC press arena located in Area 10, a town in Abuja, Nigeria. On one of such appreciative inquiry visits, he met a certain Danjuma and made it a duty to unobtrusively sit beside him and just observe his design art using the computer.

In 2010 during his final year examination, he met Pastor Godwin Uwuba’men who later became a huge mentor and support system for him. Shortly afterwards, he joined the Treasure House Church work force as the official church designer where he still volunteers till date. This gave him an opportunity to increasingly contribute his skill and value in a structured environment.

Several years after perfecting his design ability and working to add more layers of excellence to it, Stanley became burdened to build a network of creative designers. His solution to every job seeker is to teach them how to birth a creative design skill which he further encourages them to exchange for money. This saw Stanley ideate a concept in 2011 called “The Real Entrepreneurs Next Door” which is designed to stir up the entrepreneurial drive within youths in Nigeria and Africa as a continent. In addition to the original learning value which is to birth creative designers, the whole walk from business development to brand building is also a part of the curriculum. Other products include photography and videography.

In the last six years, Stanley has consistently taught and built the creative ability of young Nigerians across various States and has several success stories to show for it. One of his mentees recently got a job offer with a leading financial institution in Nigeria as a result of the extra value he brought to the table which is creative design. A chance meeting with the co-founder of Digital Media Development Initiative recently led to a more structured collaboration that has rebranded the learning experience to become the Creative Playhouse. The proposition is to unveil the recessive creative spirit in individuals by teaching them various creative design skills which will in turn make them more curious and more detailed in carrying out their daily tasks.

In Stanley’s words he believes that “what the training does is to develop the creative intelligence; not just the skill, not just the training but it helps sharpen curiosity and creativity. You will see things in a different dimension even as a banking officer, there is a way you can attend to customers that will attract people to a particular branch where you are working. It all depends on the creativity you showcase in your daily routine.”

With the first rebranded learning experience scheduled to begin on February 4, 2017, Stanley’s personal value proposition is succinctly captured in these words, “I will really seize this as an opportunity to encourage as many individuals out there as possible to take-up or register for this training coming up. We will be running series of training and it’s going to be of immense benefit and remarkably affordable at just 3,000Naira for Graphic Design, Brand Development, Videography, Photography and Business Strategy Development.”

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To register for the training or support a young Nigerian to benefit from the training with a token of 3,000 Naira, please contact the team at Digital Media Development Initiative on +2348033413213.

Stanley believes that a creative mind can be likened to a fountain of water that flows or passes through, that rushes out of the mind so, every single time the head is just thinking of something new. There is always a rush out from the mind into the physical world that we see today. This is the bedrock of the ability to design innovative products and consistently improve existing processes. He further encourages individuals to always share the ideas bubbling on their inside without fear of someone else stealing those ideas.

He believes that just like a fountain or water running through a pipe, the idea source can never run dry as long as it is constantly nourished with the right dose of creativity and curiosity. Shared ideas even when executed by another individual will hardly carry the excellence of the originator as the passion drive required to stay focused till the end is more certain with the idea owner.

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